Buying Things and Planning On Buying Things

well, i gave myself two early christmas presents. the good thing is that i think i can write both of them off as a business expense. the first thing that came in the mail was my new video card which now enables me to do dual monitor action with my computing experience. its awesome to be able to double my desktop real estate for added effeciency. no more applications hiding behind applications. SWEET! the other present is my new DVD player that i picked up today. since last week’s post, my old DVD player’s peformance progressively deteriorated as the time went by. the menu functionality (on the remote and the player itself) failed to work after 60mins or so decreasing to about 30mins. i would have to shut it down and wait till it cooled down for this to work again. also the video brightness would dim about 50%. i would have to play with the on screen display a bit to have the brightness return to normal. this behavior was definitely unacceptable, so i replaced it today. the business expense is that i develop DVDs as one of my design services and my old one doesn’t support DVD-R media. so my new DVD is a necessary equipment to check finished DVDs before delivering to a client. double SWEET!

i have decided to put off my new car purchase till early fall or whenever the new 2006 Honda Accord Coupes roll in. the reason? after researching the 2005 models, i’ve learned that they no longer exist in any dealerships in the entire state of California! that’s right, its the end of the 2005 season and all of them have been purchased! granted there are a 4-door sedan automatics still available, but if i’m going to be driving a car for the next 10-15 years i should at least drive something that i’m happy with. a manual transmission 2-door Accord coupe is actually not very popular as told to me by several car dealers. i love the fact that i like something that’s not popular. thus, i will be patiently waiting during this summer.

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