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ok… i know that i said that i was going to post my thoughts about online gaming but as time didn’t permit i guess i forgot what my thoughts were. argh! oh well, it mustn’t have been important then.

for the longest time, i have dreamed of owning the current design of the Honda Accord Coupe. as my earlier posts revealed, my car had begun to truly show signs of its age. its air compressor went offline, the shocks need to be replaced, the rearview mirror is all loose, the trunk lock is sticking, the driver’s side window works intermittantly… and i don’t know what the next thing is but you get the point. when things are old, they don’t work like they used too. over the course of a month or so, i have fallen out of love with the current Accord Coupe and i’m surprised how easily my focus was directed to the 2006 Honda Civic Coupe. the basic reason is gas mileage. Civic’s  mileage (30 city/40 hwy) won me over compared to the Accord’s mileage (26 city/34 hwy). As gas prices continue to climb, this was certainly a no-brainer for me.

you may be wondering why i didn’t select a hybrid if gas was the deciding factor. well the answer is simple. though hybrids are a more desireable choice when it comes to fuel economy, i haven’t found one that is pleasing to my eye. though the 2006 Civic Hybrid comes so very close, the rear-end just isn’t pleasing to me. if they made a Civic Coupe Hybrid i’d certainly get that but they don’t have that option.
so i think october may be the month that i adopt a new car. woohoo!

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