The Land of the Lost… Time

today, was the day of flights and connecting flights. there really isn’t much to tell other than the fact that since we were heading eastward, we lost time real fast. normally, i rarely get bored. but when it comes to flying, i need to do one of three things: 1) read, 2) watch a in-flight movie(s), or 3) sleep (if option 1 or 2 are unavailable). so i brought two magazines with me as countermeasures of boredom. i found it difficult to sleep since our connecting flights are between 2 to 3 hours in duration. our flights were 1) san jose to dallas, 2) dallas to miami, and 3) miami to florida. by the time we reached miami i had completed my two magazines. but that was okay for the third flight was about 40 minutes.

we arrived in orlando around 10:00p and by the time we got our rental car it was about 11:00p. we hunted down an IHOP since all we had all day were two sandwiches each that we brought on the plane with us. by the time we got to the timeshare (Lake Buena Vista location) it was about 1:00a in the morning and somehow the resort booked us at the Orlando location. they hooked us up for the night, but we’ll figure out what happened tomorrow morning when the supervisor arrives.

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