Really Cheap Chinese Food

as my mom and i got ready for church, my dad when to the main office to sort out our reservation status. as it turned out, Celebrity Resorts had just purchased the Lake Buena Vista location and is in the process of renovating. they had thus moved our reservation over to the Orlando location (which is about 5 minutes away) because there rate of renovation wasn’t as they had anticipated. so we made the arrangements to move over there and packed up our stuff as we headed to church.

we visited the Kissimmee church which was a nice little church that had a small grade school on the property. there was no fellowship hall therefore no fellowship meal provided so we had lunch at one of those Chinese buffet all-you-can-eat places. we quickly learned that orlando has some really inexpensive buffet rates that we’ve ever seen. $3.99 breakfast. $4.99 lunch. ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT! what a deal!

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