Shopping… Because FL Is ~So~ Different Than CA

i had brilliantly forgotten my SD card for my camera. so today, i hunted down a Best Buy to pick up another one. the Florida Mall was right across the street from Best Buy, so after my Best Buy fix we headed over there where my mom hit Nordstrom’s to her delight. its a pretty big mall and after walking around for about 15 minutes i started to realize that i’m practically the only asian around (other than the ones behind the asian fast food places at the food court). i did eventually see some asians there but it was probably around eight of them. so weird!

we left the Florida Mall and headed south to the Orlando Premium Outlets. my dad found some athletic shoes that fit him. (he’s like a 5E). and i found a deal and a non-deal that was hanging on the same rack as a deal item but i didn’t know that until i left Banana Republic. that’s okay. i’ve found some nice stuff at BR in the past but opted to wait for a sale only to find that the item i waited for is gone forever. so i didn’t mind paying a little more now to get something i like then to wait later and wonder when it would go on sale. i also spent over $200 on luggage! imagine that. i never thought i would spend that much on two pieces of luggage. my experience with past baggage items has taught me: “you get what you pay for”. i see the wisdom that my parents choice of Samsonite has given them lasting durable luggage. hehe… “Samson”-ite. coincidence?

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