The Doctors Are In!

what an interesting day today was! i followed the medical/dental group to provide service to the community surrounding the University campus. there will be about five different locations throughout our time in Peru and this particular location was very dusty… or should i say dirty in the “dirt” sense. the dirt was like fine “powder” all over the place. and when i say “powder” i mean as in snow. it was the oddest thing. after loading the supplies and equipment, i started taking pictures up to the point of not repeating my shots in context. then i helped out on the dental side sterilizing instruments. this task may not seem very exciting… and… well… it isn’t. however, if the instruments are not sterilized and ready for use when a dentist needs it then it makes his/her job more difficult. a dentist without an instrument would be a very frustrated. so by making all the instruments ready as soon as it has been used for the dentists’ effiencency was my approach to this task.the “big event” on the dental side was a tooth that was so rotten its crown broke from its roots before full extraction. it took my dad and dr. knecht about on hour with a chisel to liberate the roots from the patients mouth.

the University has given our group computer access between the hours of 8:00-10:00p. however at first glance, it appears that all their terminals have their ethernet cables running in a conduit into the floor. so i’ll probably check back another night and inquire about hooking my computer into an available port if it is possible.

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