Guitarist Wanted

today i went to help out with Vacation Bible School for the kids in the community. we went to two different places – one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. i was equipped with my trusty guitar and sang familiar children’s songs which, of course, they didn’t catch on fully since the songs were in English. haha. however, when we did the songs which has the Spanish version, there was almost full participation. i made sure that we try to include the Spanish versions when we could. for those of you who know me, you know that i’m not really into kids. and after this experience, i’m still not into kids. however, seeing their smiles and wonderment in their eyes was and is a humbling experience. i think about what they don’t have, or the odds of greater opportunity outside their village, or whatever… stuff like that… and seeing their smiles and wonderment i would venture to guess that they are happy in a truer sense than that of an American kid being happy. granted, they may not be aware of basic health practices, hygeine, etc., their income level are just a fraction of a fraction of a US citizen, their towns have the poorest civic planning i’ve ever seen, they may not have an education, but they are learning about Jesus and that’s all the riches and richness of life anyone really needs. and that happiness is that true and pure happiness that is humbling when you are experiencing it face-to-face.

so… i think i’ve been officially recruited by the VBS coordinator Sonia to play my guitar. i still want to get back on the contruction site and perhaps help out in the clinic before this trip is over. i’ll need to scout for someone to play my guitar in my absence. however, if God wants me to play my guitar for the kids for the rest of this trip, who am i to argue with Him?

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