A Picture Is Worth a Thousand…

today was the last day of VBS. how sad. yet how liberating. i think i can do with not singing “Tengo paz como un rio” for a while. other than my initial sentiments, the children amazed me again. Sonia quizzed the kids about the health talks. if any kid remembered all the health topics from day one, then they would receive a prize. though i had a hard time recalling the topics quite a few of them remembered which was quite impressive. during the afternoon session, one of the pastors had us all stand on stage as he gave a short thank-you to the VBS team and after prayer we received a small token of appreciation in a form of a Peruvian whistle. i thought it was very cool.

as we got outside to depart, we were asked to take pictures with everybody. i was even asked for my autograph which again was a humbling experience. i mean even though we may be more “privileged” and come from the US, we are no better than they are in the eyes of God. and speaking of privileges, it truly was a privilege that God gave us to minister to them. i must admit that being a part of VBS was a rewarding experience for me. however, i hope that the next time i come on a Maranatha trip that i can at least put some time in for construction.

the last stop of the day was at a river bank where we handed out clothes and the like to some of the poorest people i’ve ever seen. i didn’t interact much with the locals and chose instead to take video and pictures of the event since everybody was very busy.

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