Burn All Day, Fly All Night

burning, burning, burning. today i was burning DVDs all day. not the video kind mind you. just a simple photo collection of individuals who wanted to share their digital pictures with everybody. assuming that most people wouldn’t use the highest quality setting or not take an overabundance of shots, i brought a spindle of 100 CDs with me to Peru. well my assumption was wrong. some people used the high quality setting and i was surprised that many people took a lot a pictures… i mean A LOT of pictures. after the initial upload of memory cards i had over 4000 pictures and the space was slightly over 5 GB! so i started deleting shots that were blurry or just didn’t make sense. so today was the day a was burning. i should have test burned some DVDs at home with my laptop. it was only when i started burning that it was burning at 2x which basically means 2 DVDs per hour. i had hoped to finish the order and join the crew out on the site but that wasn’t going to happen. i was stuck in my room all day. argh! i was only able to fill the order partially and will have to mail out the rest when i get home to complete the burning.

today was also the last day in Peru. after our last evening meeting, we quickly gathered our stuff together and loaded buses to be transported to the airport. on the way to the airport, i looked forward to getting home. but at the same time, that feeling was bittersweet. i had met and worked with some amazing people. to not hang out with them after this will take some getting used to. serving the community and meeting the local believers was also an enriching experience that i doubt can be reproduced. i believe i will miss it more than i would expect to.

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