Nothing Is Everything

my mom and i drove down to our family’s house in Springville where my dad works during the week. we try to come down at least once a month so my dad doesn’t always have to make the drive to the Milpitas house. also it is a great place to get away from everything and relax because there’s virtually nothing out in Springville. my mom’s sisters will be making the trip out here tomorrow to spend the weekend too. it should be fun.

after arriving in Springville and having a late lunch, my mom and i went into the town of Porterville (which is the next town over) for a supply run of groceries and picked up two bedside lamps for two rooms in the house. on the way back i spotted the sign “Success Valley” that led off the main road. i don’t know why i never noticed this before so i think i’ll take an afternoon drive tomorrow and explore this valley and possibly get some nice pictures.

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