Church Life Always Begins At Home

i slept in the family room’s sofa bed for the first time last night. i’m not a fan of sofa beds but this one was alright. since my aunties will be staying tonight, i figured i’d just start sleeping here so we don’t have to change the sheets in the room i normally sleep in when i come.

my day started when my dad come to the family room and turned on the tv to LLBN for Sabbath School. and since the family room h as a 5.1 surround sound system and the sofa bed was right in the middle of it, it definitely woke me up. the audio system is also piped to speakers in every room of the house so i was able to get ready for the day while listening to Sabbath School.

my aunties arrived around 10:45a in time for church and we did church at our house via LLBN. my mom put me in charge of lunch so i sort of felt a little like Martha since Sabbath School but it wasn’t too bad since there was an audio speaker in the kitchen as well as a clear visual shot from the kitchen right into our family room’s big screen tv. the lunch portion that i put together was mushroom pesto crostini, penne with sun-dried tomato pesto, and salmon baked in foil. my mom did the salad and a vege dinner roast with a cream of mushroom and onion sauce. i’ve prepared my selections separately in the past but this was the first time i’ve ever entertained with all three at the same time. i think it was definitely a good experience that i wouldn’t mind doing again. although i was able to time the meal-preparation so that it was ready when church was over, i think i can still be more efficient in kitchen multi-tasking.

my dad wanted to join me on my drived to Success Valley after i showed my aunties pictures of the Peru trip (which took the better part of the early afternoon). it was a fine drive and so much so that i think i’ll be doing these afternoon drives when i come here again. because i had spent the first half of the afternoon doing the Peru slideshow, the late afternoon sun wasn’t helpful for picture taking although i got some nice shots. we also ended up on an indian reservation but not knowing how big the reservation really was we turned around and headed out because there was only one way in and out and i wanted to see more valley before daylight left us.

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