If I Could Get Into Mischief, Would I Fit?

it is now 10 days after Valentine’s and what kind of mischief have i gotten into? as much as i would like to write about it, i have to say that i haven’t gotten into any. sorry, i can’t help it. or maybe i should say that i’m just waiting for an opportunity to get into mischief. afterall, i can’t just go about getting into mischief all willy-nilly. when i get into it, i get into it.

one thing new that i did was to take my mom out for a post-Valentine’s day dinner at this new restaurant that opened in Milpitas. she was working on V-day, so i couldn’t do it then. however, in terms of restaurant crowds it was great since we heard that it was packed the day before. the new restaurant is called Bleu Ginger and its one of those fusion cuisine-type restaurants. the atmosphere is pretty trendy and the food was above average. i didn’t quite like what i ordered but i won’t hold it against them. i can’t fault their chilean seabass just because i don’t like the flavor of the banana leaf that it was steamed in. my mom liked her five-spice chicken. there’s a really good chance we would go again. but not anytime soon since the trendiness is reflected in the price as well. i hope this place does well since Milpitas needs a cool restaurant for fine dining.

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