My Brain Needs a Marathon

for the past several years, my reading preferences have become somewhat short in nature. i am not meaning that i don’t like to read. in fact i read a lot everyday. my reading can be explained like taking many short sprints as opposed to a long marathon. so instead of a books, i’ll go through magazines, newspapers, and the internet for my reading. and perhaps this as developed a sort of ADD where my reading is concerned. with books there’s a committment of sorts which the length of time taken to complete the book affects how you experience the book. so say you’re reading a 300 page novel. if you took 10 days to finish it, the whole story will be very fresh and vivid as a whole. however, if it took you three years to finish it, it might not be as rich because the story didn’t unfold in a timely matter. in fact you might be hard-pressed to remember details of eariler events in the story because of how far apart your reading sessions were. magazines, newspapers, and internet articles on the other hand do not require a committment like a book for a story/article is short in comparision to the scope of a book. i recently realized that i needed to go back for that long book-reading committment. i believe it exercises a different reading skill than the reading of short articles.

so a couple of days ago, i started reading Acts of the Apostles… again. actually, this is one of those books that i started a while ago but was distracted/interrupted on other books and/or things to do that i never got around to complete my reading session of it. so… i have recommitted myself to complete this book at a reasonable pace (two chapters a day). it also helps that my pleasure for reading books as returned. so i’m definitely taking advantage of this opportunity and hope that the drive will continue to increase.

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