Like Crack… With the Added Risk of Carpal Tunnel

“you’ve been sucked into the vortex known as myspace…” – Kuonoono (aka, my cousin Jessica). i have resisted joining myspace since 2004 when my friend Andrea told me about it. the reason then was a matter of time and redundancy. i had already joined a social-networking site a few months prior and felt that managing two was just silly considering that i barely had time to manage one. as time went on and myspace’s popularity grew to even eclipse the sites that came before it, i found yet another reason to resist joining myspace for i have this odd aversion to all things popular for the moment. so you may be wondering why i eventually caved in and got a myspace account.

though my reasons were strong enough for me to continue my myspace resistance, there are two basic reasons that were a bit stronger (and for those reasons why a site like myspace exist). the first reason is my friend Christina. had she joined the other site that i was a member of already this would not have been an issue and i would not have had to join myspace. however, she picked myspace and having done so was able to share pictures and the like. now i wouldn’t just sign up for an account for just one person (though she is very persuasive). she was among many of the neat friends i met in Peru (who are also on myspace) and because she is a crazy-busy student and doesn’t have the time and resources to build a full-blown site like i have, myspace is a perfect solution to share what’s going on in her side of the world. and what do friends do? they share. so she can read and view stuff that’s happening with me on my site but i wasn’t able to view stuff on her myspace completely without my own account. this was reason number one.

reason number two was creative one for i had visited many myspace profiles in the past and found them rather hideous. i figured this would be an interesting experient of sorts to see how i can implement good design that’s clean, simple, and easy to read. in fact, i thought it would be cool to take the look and feel of this site and implement it on myspace within the context of myspace. so the challenge began and the wrestling of code commenced. this was the reason why i was up till 4:00a the day i got my account… i just had to make it work the way i wanted it to. after a couple of days and tweaks later i was eventually happy. so if any of you would like to check it out my design sensibilities, head on over to

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