It Started In a Taxi, and Ended With Me Getting Lei’ed

there’s nothing like getting two hours of sleep. man! i should have just stayed up instead. but i guess that’s what happens when you wait till 1:00a to start packing. so amazingly i wake up at 5:00a because we wanted to leave for the airport at 6:00a. after waiting for our taxi till about 6:25a, my dad called up the taxi company and found out that the taxi that was dispatched to us picked up some other people. you would think that the taxi driver would inquire the name of the people being picked up. and what are the chances that there would be other people to be picked up at a completely different neighborhood at 6 o’clock in the morning? anyways, they send another taxi and we got to the airport at around 7:00a. it was a good thing that i had printed out our boarding passes while we were waiting for the second taxi because the security line was the longest that i’ve ever seen it. it actually left the airport building and went into the parking structure where it made several switchbacks. it almost felt like we were waiting in line at a Disneyland ride, except that there was no $3.00 coke stands or costumed characters to take pictures with. our concern that the line would move fast enough to reach our 8:05a boarding time was relieved when we got to the gate with about 20mins to spare.

the five hour flight was a uneventfully good. my attempt to sleep was interupted by the beverage serving and then at the lunch serving. my dad brought Chinese food for lunch so i ate both his in-flight meal and my own. then i watched four episodes of Bleach before catching a few Z’s. we landed in Honolulu earlier than expected and met up with three of my aunts. since they didn’t have two in-flight meals, my mom and my aunts got some Chinese food at the food court while i got some ice cream because i’m always hot and wanted something cold in my mouth. my aunts’ flight was eariler than ours to Kauai, so they took off after eating. my dad did some file organization on his laptop, i continued my reading of Acts of the Apostles while my mom read some Kauai brochures. we finally boarded our connecting flight to Kauai which was delayed for about 30mins.

it was good to finally get to the timeshare, unload our stuff, and have dinner. of all the timeshares that i’ve been to, the Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club is by far the nicest place. and yes… they have free hi-speed internet, both ethernet and Wi-Fi! score!

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