Sight-Seeing, Shopping, and Sassy!

i woke up abruptly at 5:00a this morning trying to find where the alarm was coming from. i don’t remember setting any alarm the night before and when i eventually found it, it turned out to be the alarm from my cellphone which i had forgotten to turn off. i usually leave my cellphone on 24/7 but not when i’m on vacation. i cancelled the alarm but before i could power off my phone i get a text message from my friend Ruben about this Google-trick with text-messaging. so i did the trick, got the bounceback from Google, and went back to sleep for a couple more hours.

my parents and a few of my aunts went to the gym to workout and later all of us, except Carissa, went to the breakfast buffet provided by our timeshare facility. the plan was to eat a hearty breakfast, skip lunch, and have an early dinner. after having our fill, we prepared to visit Waimea Canyon. the drive was long, narrow, and winding. we found ourselves at a road block which was probably due to flooding from the heavy rain last night. we asked some locals if there was an alternate route and then headed off to take it. after a couple of short stops along the way for pictures, we eventually made it to the official vista point where my aunt Carol proceeded to greet the chickens with this funny chicken sound i’ve never heard of upon arrival. after about 10 minutes it started to rain. it didn’t seem to bother me but my family quickly made it back to the cars. on the way back to the villas, we stopped off at this store that had a variety of merchandise ranging from aloha wear and jewelry to knick-knacks, shells, and musical instruments. i thought this would be a medium-length stay. how quickly i forget when my mom and four of her sisters browse a store, leaving it would be no easy task. come to think of it, it was my uncle Charles, who was fascinated by the conch shell, that had everyone captivated while the store manager proceeded to give him a lesson on shell-blowing. meanwhile i was taking pictures of interesting things i found there.

we left the store with our purchases and while one car went to the supermarket to buy more groceries, our car stopped at Crazy Shirts. my mom and i picked up one shirt each which completed the required amount of purchases on the Crazy Shirts T-Shirt Club Card that allowed my dad to get his for free. we met back at the villa where food was prepared and then eaten. i ate for the first time poki (recipe) and found it very tasty. then to end the day, Carissa and i watched the Korean movie My Sassy Girl, which is one of my favorite movies.

the weather report projects more rain and thunderstorms for the rest of our stay. i just hope its not completely accurate because there’s some outdoor things i want to get to before we leave. if not, i’m sure i’ll figure out some alternatives.

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