Doctor Who, I Am Not

my Kauai pictures are all formatted now so it looks like i’m pretty much on schedule for its gallery. i’ll probably finish up coding the gallery thumbnails and pop-up windows for the pictures later this afternoon but for now i think i’ll give my wrists a break… heck i think i’ll even give my whole body a break.

i don’t know what’s been going on with me since i’ve returned from Hawaii. seems like my mind starts going on overdrive when it gets around 1-2:00a. and then speeds up about 4:30a. then all of a sudden its 6:00a, at which i make a conscious effort to stop whatever i’m doing so that my mind can wind down. i close my eyes hoping that drowsiness and exhaustion will overcome me and take me to blissfull unconscious rest. however, i struggle even to turn off all the things careening through my head as my eyes are closed. i glimpse the sunrise coming through my window briefly and the next thing i know sleep captures me and holds my brain in a temporary suspension until my alarm goes off.

this has happened for the last two days and by God’s grace, i’m not going to allow the charmed third. so i end this post at 01:58a with anticipation of sleep normalcy at least from this early morning. oh how bad habits are hard to break and good ones are hard to start!

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