The Sheep Were Scared, There Will Be No Counting

this morning i woke up again sleep deprived but that was sort of okay since i figured i would sleep on the flight to New York. as this journey would take up most of my day i picked up a hearty breakfast burrito a block from my house at Burrito Express. i finished eating it and was completely stuffed as soon as my mom dropped me at the airport. this is a good thing due to the continued skimpage of in-flight meals and/or snacks. so after checking in, then boarding, i settled into my seat and got comfortable for sleep was demanding attention and i was not about to ignore it. there was another thing that i couldn’t ignore. about 20 minutes into the flight, there was this little girl who just wouldn’t shut up. she was either crying, talking loud, or just making intermittant noises. as hard as i tried to sleep, there was none to be had. if there’s an unwritten courtesy rule of tipping your restaurant server, then i think there should also be an rule of tipping the parents for letting their child be so disruptive on a flight (or a movie theater, what have you) by having all the passengers give a firm but gentle slap that doesn’t leave a mark. anyways, i arrived at Chicago MDW airport and found that my connecting flight has been delayed for about an hour, give or take. but in no time i was once again boarding and once again trying to settle in. if i were to get any sleep it would be on this shorter 2 hour flight. but ~nooooo~. did i just happen to pick the lucky flights that had disruptive children on each of them? i closed my eyes and i believe that i slipped into some level of unconsciousness but not the restful kind unfortunately. i had just come around to entertain the possibility of having kids of my own. how quickly these two kids almost drove me to the brink of anti-offspring resolution.

tired from lack of sleep the previous night and the struggle to find the slightest taste of rest on the flight, i disembarked the plane and stepped foot in New York. My uncle James, aunty Mag, and two cousins Jessica and Justin picked me up and we all went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner after which we went to their home in Port Washington where i must say its good to finally stop. i’m here visiting for the week as well as taking advantage of a free ticket from the Southwest Airlines rewards program.

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