Rain, Rest, Relaxation

it was a brisk and rainy day today. rain and rain and more rain. i went to the Church of the Advent Hope for worship where i ran into Noelle who was someone i knew from PUC. unexpected meetings are always a pleasant surprise. after church, my uncle’s family took me to Sentosa Malaysian restaurant in Flushing. we ate our fill of yummy Malaysian food and then headed back to the house to basically chill the rest of the afternoon away. before i knew it, it was already evening time and a meal of noodles and fruits was to be had. later on i spent some time reorganizing the file structure of this website. you can’t really tell as you browse through it but it makes so much more sense for me and web developers alike when its viewed from the backend. uhhh… okay that doesn’t sound right but i think you know what i’m talking about.

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