Naked, Bodies, Sushi… In That Order

Jessica had to do some stuff at school so when we got to the Penn Station, her brother Justin and i went through Times Square to pick up tickets to see Doubt for the next day. while going through Times Square i saw for the first time the Naked Cowboy. ok… he really wasn’t naked but other than shoes he wore a hat and tighty-whiteys and accessorized with a guitar. a lot of tourists took pictures with him. i found him odd yet amusing. after picking up the tickets we headed to Bodies… the Exhibition. though the presentation reminded me of what an anatomy display would look like, it was quite facinating how the body as a whole was posed and its layers exposed to emphasize certain organ systems and their function. for example, to illustrate the balance of the skeletal and muscular system, the skeleton was removed from the muscles and was posed as if it was holding with its two hands the other two hands of the remaining muscules. then the two “bodies” leaned away from each other. there were other whole body poses like running, basketball, etc. the part of the exhibit i thought was pretty cool was the circulatory system where a substance/process called corrosive compound was injected into a body’s blood vessels. this substance would then solidify and then the rest of the flesh would be dissolved leaving just the vessels intact. the presentation was visually striking. anyway, after Justin and i finished up with the exhibit we met Jessica at Union Square then waited at Starbucks for Jannine to once again go and eat because we do seem to do that pretty well. :) we met up with Jessica’s friend Anthony at Go where we had some good Japanese food. somehow time goes by so fast and so we all headed home.

total walked miles: 6.11

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