I Doubt We’ve Met

i was able to sleep in for a little bit today before we headed once again to Manhattan. aunty Mag dropped Jessica off for a faculty lunch at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital while she took Justin and i to this Vietnamese place called “Saigon Grill” for lunch. the pictures of the food in the menu were quite deceiving because when my order arrived it was tremendously larger than what my stomach was preppared to eat. i only ate a little more than half my portion before my body refused to take in any more. the food was quite tasty and the prices are very, very reasonable.

after lunch we headed back to where Jessica was because Justin had a job interview there. there was some time to kill before his meeting so i made a quick stop at Duane Reede (a drug store chain that’s all over NY) for chapstick and lotion. i’ve heard that NY can get rather humid during the summer, but i wasn’t anticipating how dry it can be outside of that season. we got to the building where Justin was to have the interview and while he was doing that i made myself comfortable in the waiting area. for some reason i started feeling nauseous soon thereafter. it wasn’t nausea from the food earlier, but the kind from motion-sickness which i have been experiencing frequently since i’ve been here which was probably due to the unfamiliarity of NY traffic motion and so forth. sleep usually takes over as a reaction when i get nausea. so i dozed off for i don’t know how long and woke up feeling better. i then proceeded to entertain my brain with a Family-oriented magazine in the lobby. but then about 20 minutes into reading i started feeling nauseaous again. i had just put down the magazine and closed my eyes when Justin tapped me on the shoulder. oh well. so much for that idea however i was good to get walking again.

we proceeded to work our way up the East side to The Metropolitan Museam of Art where we found the Egyptian Art exhibit one of the more facinating exhibits on display… well the Arms and Armor exhibit was cool too. we only had about two hours to kill here before meeting up with Jessica for dinner so we didn’t really have the time to really appreciate everything. i’m sure one would have to make a whole day affair at The Met for that experience… or maybe two or three. this will probably be one of the places i would really want to spend some time on my next visit. our time at The Met drew to a close and we found the first floor restroom before we left. as Justin met me across the hallway from the restroom Jessica called to find out where to meet us. during that call we noticed a very long line forming to the restroom. it was a good thing that we had gone when we did.

we agreed on a location to meet with Jessica and when Justin and i got there we saw Best Buy across the street and decided to wander around in there while waiting for Jessica to reach the location which was about 10 minutes into the wandering. the three of us made our way down 3rd avenue to find a place to eat. the restaurants on this street was on the pricy side and for budgetary concerns i was looking for something that didn’t hit the wallet at ~$20. also since we were going to watch a play, we didn’t really want to have a sitdown dinner which may eat into our travel time. we found Ray Bari Pizza that was fast and tasty and continued on our way on foot, then subway, then shuttle, then on foot again in Times Square to the Walter Kerr Theatre on Broadway where Doubt was playing.

we then headed back home after the intriguing and somewhat thought-provoking play. we had been told by the aforementioned Jennifer (see 09 April 2006 entry) that at the open-ended nature was something that would make you somewhat dissatisfied and thus provoking thought and possibly discussions ad nauseam about it. this was the aspect that first attracted me to this play because i enjoy performances that leave things somewhat unresolved allowing those that experience it to have a discussion on topics other than how good the performance was if you understand what i’m getting at. we were able to have this type of discussion, however Jessica and i felt that the issue presented by Jennifer wasn’t as intense as it was made to be. it was a good play nonetheless which “certainity” and “doubt” was the theme in the storyline. i didn’t have my heart set on seeing a play, musical, or any type of performance art but it was nice to do anyway and perhaps this will make me look forward to taking more in the next time around.

total walked miles: 6.84

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