We Eat, We Eat Again, and We Eat Some More

this was one of those days for me when you wake up and because the bed feels so good you decide to just stay in it for a while. and then “a while” becomes a couple of hours. oh well. what to do? i guess you make the most of the time you have awake. so i jumped on Jessica’s desktop computer to do some diagnosing and cleaning because she had been experiencing some pop-up problems. i set up her new external harddive for good backup practices and then updated her “crap”-ware definitions before scrubbing her drive which found about 5 spyware instantances. after that it was time to ahead on out.

while aunty Mag was having her nails done, Justin and i hung out and ate pastries at this Chinese bakery called Taipan and it was very busy. actually, i learned that this bakery is always busy till it closes which i guess is good for business. we were going to meet up with Jannine and Nathan for an early dinner so after the bakery and nails, we drove into Mahattan where we picked up Jessica, Jannine, and Nathan at Lincoln Center and the four of us squeezed in in the backseat of the Subaru Forester.

we eventually ended up at Gobo and had a very delicious and well presented all vegetarian dinner. i was still rather full from the pastries from Taipan and barely was able to make a dent in my creamy corn polenta with roasted maitakee mushrooms. i like polenta but i forgot how filling it can be. we walked down 3rd avenue again but this time on the other side to get rid of that full feeling. we eventually headed back up 3rd and into Crumbs where everyone else had cupcakes but me because i was still full. we just sat in Crumbs while Jannine and Jessica did most of the storytelling about music students and urology. its one of those “you had to be there” moments. i don’t even remember how urology came up but it was so funny. everyone seemed to have a good time. it a pretty laid back day for me as you can tell by my mileage.

total walked miles: 3.11

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