The Cost of Living In the U.S.

i’m sure there are other “costs” of living in the U.S. that do not fall under the category of money, but i’m guessing that’s not what people are thinking right about now. did we overpay the “man” and hopefully get a refund this year? or would we have to shell out more of our hard-earned money to the system? i think as long as we vote or pay our taxes we have the right to complain to our government. if our attitude then becomes one of continual governmental complaints then perhaps the U.S. isn’t the right country to live in. for each seemingly idyllic attribute of one country, there is bound to be an attribute that is sorely lacking. yes our U.S. government has its shortcomings. but have you taken a look at other governments and compared them? for the most part i think i’d still want to live here. so i’ll go ahead and pay my taxes and try to live each day gratefully. and if complaints are warranted i’ll do it but not ad nauseam because to have a complaining attitude would make living in the U.S. cost too much let alone anywhere else.

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