It’s Sunny, But I’m Still In a Fog

this is what my car looked like at one point today. i had purchased a fog light kit a while back and finally had some time to install it with my dad. at first i was surprised at how my car looked after removing the front bumper but a quick comment from my dad helped me realize real quick that this is what is to be expected. i guess my initial reaction stemmed from always seeing my cars and other cars with their front bumpers attached. its kind of crazy that for the most part, the bumper is mostly cosmetic since the real “bumper” that keeps you safe is the structure behind the pretty bumper. because there were many steps in the installation and the fact that my dad takes off in the mid-afternoon back to Springville, i figured we would just install the fog lights today and then deal with the electrical portion next week. we still have a step to go before reattaching the bumper but our socket wrench extension wasn’t long enough to get to a bolt that we needed to loosen. so we were forced to reattach it until next week when my dad brings back the longer extension from Springville. this is what it looks like now.

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