there are times when you think something shouldn’t take too long. you’ve assessed what needs to be done and overall you determine that if you follow certain steps you can get through the task in a methodical, straight-forward manner. then you anticipate a certain amount of time that will be devoted to troubleshooting or in the event that things don’t go as smoothly as you had thought and estimated. however, even though you assess all the various factors of a task there will always be something that screws up that initial time allotment. so… even though the installation instructions was pretty much straight-forward, my fog light project took longer than i had initially expected – both externally and internally. being that this is the first time i’ve installed fog lights, i wanted to be sure i did all the steps right. and if given the chance to install fog lights in a 2006 civic, i think i will be able to do it much faster. so here is a picture of my fog lights in all its lighted-glory!

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