Am I Behind or Ahead? I Can’t Tell But I’m Tinting

the past couple of days has been an interesting experience for my blogging and photo gallery activities. i have enough pictures for a gallery set. however, the subject of said gallery set is something which i would like to put into my blog. so do i throw one of the pictures up for the day in question and then work on getting the gallery done for later viewing? or should i retroactively post a blog when i have all the pictures processed so that when you read my blog, you can view the rest of the gallery set for that day? argh! well, i have a new gallery set almost done and i suppose i should just throw a little teaser picture for now. i hope to have the gallery set up later today.

yesterday, i took my car for a window tinting treatment. after it was done and while i was driving home, i was immediately impressed with its ability to reflect heat. one could immediately sense the difference when you move your hand from the untinted winshield area to tinted area. it probably isn’t much of a surprise for those of you who already have your cars tinted. but being that i’m the first of my family to have one’s windows tinted, it is quite the little thrill. another little thrill is the vacuous sound my credit card made as gave myself a bigger bill to look forward to at the end of my billing period. since i’m always hot all the time, this should be well worth the price to ride in comfort.

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