Am I On Fire?

today i received a very interesting fortune that i think its translation was lost somewhere along the line. after opening the fortune cookie, i took out the slip of paper and read these words:

“Catch on fire with enthusiam and people will come for miles to…”

ok, everything up till now seems pretty copacetic. there’s my enthusiam, there are people that will come so i’m guessing that my enthusiam is a drawing power of sorts. but lets finish up the sentence, shall we?

“Catch on fire with enthusiam and people will come for miles to watch you burn.”

“WATCH ME BURN”?what kind of fortune is that? is having enthusiam a crime that warrants something cruel and unusual? is my enthusiam limited to just myself so that i’m burning alone and no one else is catching the spark?

i have three responses to my fortune: 1) if there is something lost in the translation, then this is one of the more amusing fortunes i’ve received from a cookie, 2) if there is nothing lost in the translation, then i may be an enthusiastic heretic just waiting for my crowd to show up, or 3) regardless the accuracy of the translation, this fortune is a hoot and blog-worthy.

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