I Have a Mansion

what is a professional? a hired assassin? someone who is paid in exchange for their rendered skills? someone who manages chaos with grace and charm? what does it take to be a profesional? education? experience? education and experience? i had the opportunity to make a housecall to a local Bay Area photographer. after entering the gated community and parking at her driveway i was welcomed by a very large house that seemed very impressive as well as detached bungalo which served as the photographer’s office and studio. after an exchange of pleasantries, i proceeded to exorise the spyware that had possessed her computer delivering pop-ups galore. fortunately, the spyware wasn’t deeply embedded and was easily removed without hacking into the registry, or worse, a complete rebuild. computer troubleshooting has become very elementary to me which has made me a professional in other people’s eyes. and the elementary nature of it makes me feel a little guilty for taking their money. however, the guilt quickly wore off as i observed how her profession enabled her to be successful. anybody can take pictures, but a photographer has the eye to make magic happen through the lens. and like myself, photography has become easy and natural over her 20+ year career to where she is now living in a very nice neighborhood. her property was in a seculded woodsy area and i was admiring the view and thinking to myself how nice it would be to have my own big house with a detached studio for my work. and then i remembered a beautiful promise that there’s a mansion built just for me. how awesome is that?!

the pictures of my fog light installation and window tinting treatment is now available for viewing by clicking here.

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