Word Power

i had lunch with my Mom at the fairly new Indian restaurant in Milpitas called Heritage of India. it is located on Main Street which, i would assume at the time, was the “main” street of Milpitas. although, this two-lane street continues to receive traffic, it is not as busy or as exposed as other newer streets that has developed thereafter. because of this unavoidable trend, the businesses find themselves on Main Street may not fair as well. i’m always a little sad when i see a business close so i hope Heritage of India does stay the course. to my recollection, Heritage of India is the third restaraunt within the past several years to open in the building space and on the aforementioned Main Street. the food is quite tasty, the buffet selection has a good variety (especially for vegetarians like myself), and the service, while not the greatest is not the worst but what you would expect for a buffet lunch.

i guess what i’m trying to say is that success in business has many factors. the location for this restaurant is definitely not going to help it. the food is not “paint-removal spicy” so it should have a broader appeal for those not as accustomed to Indian heat. so it’ll come down to the strength of word-of-mouth which, in any business is the best form of advertising. so now i’m thinking… how many other things would have been more of a success (or less of a failure) had people just known about it?

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