I So Digg This

i know i have a dishes to wash right now, but i want to get this blog out of the way because my evening is still fresh in my mind. its 11:11p and i just got back from the one year anniversary party of diggnation that was held at The Beach Chalet in San Francisco. my friend Dan Dizon, who is also a viewer of the show, went with me. this is a brief rundown of what transpired…

6:09p. we didn’t realize it, but i overshot The Beach Chalet and ended up next to The Cliff House. while we were there i took some pictures of the west side of SF.

6:30p. we backtracked two blocks and found the place. apparently, diggnation had reserved a bunch of tables for their guests, so Dan and i got a table with another diggnation viewer named Dan. after eating, we just sat and talked to kill time till the live taping began.

8:09p. the show started with Alex Albrecht videotaping the audience and then they got into their show routine. i was a little disappointed that a lot of people showed up for the show but instead of listening to the hosts of the show, they just talked amongst themselves. rude, i tell you. simply rude. but what else can one expect at an event like this?

9:21p. an anniversary party wouldn’t be a party without cake to help commemorate the milestone. and its a pretty cool cake.

Click here for larger size (1600×1200).

9:50p. it took a while for Dan and i to get a picture with Alex. and then after that we found Kevin Rose to take a picture with us and as we were setting up the shot Alex showed up. score! so here we all are. me, Alex, Kevin, and Dan.

so now i’m off to wash the dishes!

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