Why Are Aliens So Fascinated With Us?

i don’t remember my dreams very often. however the most recent dream i had i still remember, so i’m going to blog it now before i forget it and the details. yesterday my mom and i flew down to southern CA. i had forgotten how hot it can get down here so after lunch i became rather sluggish and sleepy which i then gave up trying to stay awake and gave in to unconciousness by taking a four-hour nap. yes, that’s what i said. a four-hour nap. it is during this nap that this dream took place. here is the story…

i was among many people in what seemed like a park which is similiar to Central Park, NY in terms of the environment although in my dream there wasn’t a sense of where i was geographically only that i was in a park with many people. we started to notice these large aliens beings with metallic armor. the only way i can describe their features is like the robot from the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, except they were more detailed and not robots but actual alien lifeforms. anyway, they started to gather small groups of people and teleporting them somewhere. at this point, i understood that we either let these aliens teleport us to who knows where or take the risk of staying on earth and await whatever outcome may occur. there were many people panicking and some decided to stay. i, however decided to go with the aliens. after all, i don’t remember ever having a sci-fi dream before.

we were teleported to their ship’s hanger area and could see earth through what i would assume to be an invisible force field as we all were able to breathe at the same time as being in an area that was opened to space. as the ship started to leave earth’s orbit, we witnessed earth breaking apart and eventually imploding upon itself to nothingness. we were then lead to an area where the floor was recessed. the floor had a grid-pattern and in each two-foot square there was a hatch which upon opening was to be our quarters. as some people were trying to figure out how to physically get inside this apparently impossible opening, there was an announcement made over the PA system that was something to the effect that one mustn’t try to figure out how to get in, but figure out how the hatch will allow one to get in. if and when we figure out this riddle, our physical size will adjust to the size of the hatch as we enter our quarters – like a genie effect only without the smoke.

in the next scene in my dream, i was walking around a part the ship which was more like an resort in Hawaii. as i passed several people sitting at umbrella tables, i noticed my friend Christina at one of these tables talking with a guy. very rarely do my friends make an appearance in my dreams and though i wanted to say hello, i walked passed her. when i thought i no longer would be noticed by her, she noticed, called, and started to follow me. but i continued walking away from that part of the “resort”. as i sensed her narrowing the distance between me and her i started to pick up my pace until i started to eventually leap at great heights and distances with increasing speed and agility! not only did this surprise me, but she was doing the same thing! i heard her saying that we had received the same abilities and wanted to talk to someone familiar but i just kept going. and then it was revealed to me, as dreams often do with no explaination, that the aliens had given us special powers. these powers are different and complementary with others of your four-member clan. these clans compete with each other to the death in some sort of an amusement show for the aliens that’s something like the movie The Running Man. as i continued to take evasive manuevers away from Christina, i knew that since she and i have the same powers that we must be from different clans therefore we might end up against each other. this was the last time i saw her in my dream.

in the last scene, i was on the alien home planet and was in the battle “arena” which was made to look like a downtown area of a non-descript city that had buildings (both abandoned and non-abandoned), tunnels, alleyways, sewers, etc. it was at night and my team was up against one other, but since the area was so vast i woke up before we ran into them.

crazy, huh? perhaps eating sushi and napping in such hot climates had something to do with it? if so, i’m going to do it again to see what happens in my clan. i hope to overthrow the aliens and help bring freedom to what’s left of humanity! aliens, your time has come! bwahahaha!

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