Skin Has Nothing to Do With Real Beauty

i’m almost done watching this TLC channel special program called “My Skin Could Kill Me” and i want to blog this while the thoughts are still fresh in my mind.

the special documents two families of two sets of sisters with Harlequin type Ichthyosis. i feel for the parents. i feel for the children. the girls are beautiful even though their skin has been ravaged by this disorder. i don’t know if i could carry the same composure as Lucy Betts if i had it. the Bible reminds me that God will transform our bodies into new, glorified, and perfect ones. i can’t imagine how much more desireable this promise is for those who have to live with disfigurement day in and day out. but in the meantime, these girls are brave. these girls are determined. these girls are already beautiful because they are daughters of the living God… regardless if their skin says otherwise.

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