If We Don’t Look Good, He Doesn’t Look Good

last sunday i decided to get highlights in my hair again. perhaps its a little indulgent of me to spend my hard-earned cash on something that may appear vain and attention-getting but its not like i’m always spending money on myself to make myself look good. i think i look good regardless of what my hair is doing. now let me explain my statement before you conclude that i’m full of myself. on the scale of appearances, i rate myself as “good” which, on my scale is neither horribly ugly nor incredibly gorgeous (though i wouldn’t use “gorgeous” to describe males, i’ve heard girls use it to describe guys so that’s why i’m referencing it on this scale). had i self-proclaimed myself as incredibly gorgeous, we would both agree that i was full of myself… or maybe just you would agree since being so full of myself i would be under the delusionment of my gorgeous appearance.

though physical appearances can come and go with the times and circumstances, we are called to beautify our inner self (1 Pet. 3:3-4), our character, because it is that which lasts. the physical appearance may get us noticed, but its our character that truly attracts. those that are attracted by the physical aren’t experiencing “attraction” to its fullest.

however, i don’t believe that we should completely neglect and ignore how we present our physical appearance. we are after all children of the King of the universe and heirs to the Kingdom so this makes us royalty! i’m not suggesting that we go out and buy the most expensive things to wear and the like. what i am saying is that knowing that we are part of the royal priesthood we shouldn’t be going around “looking” as if we just came from the gutter but live within the means God gives us. that means giving your best in what you can afford. and don’t go putting you and your family in debt because you think what’s best is that $3000 dress/suit or that $200 pair of jeans makes your butt look great. God expects us to physically take care of our appearance, to be clean, hygenic, groomed, and minty-fresh. He just doesn’t want it to take priority over the inner self. if you don’t believe me lookup Is. 61:10 and Rev. 21:2.

our outward appearance should be so different from the way the world gets beautified that it should get us noticed. then our inner beautiful self should be the attractive force that makes them want to know the One that makes us beautiful. we are ambassadors of the Kingdom to the world to show them that indeed, heaven is a beautiful place!

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