Amazing Ukelele Action

last monday my cousin Jessica, Ruben, and Dan went to Yoshi’s for dinner and a concert by Jake Shimabukuro. i saw him featured on StirTV and witnessed his amazing ukelele skills. i mean, he makes the ukelele do things i never knew a ukelele could do. after his segment i went online to find out more about him and to my delight found out that he’s having a concert right here in the Bay Area. so i got a couple of friends together and headed to Oakland.

i’ve never been to Yoshi’s and as Japanese food goes, it was on the expensive side. but the cool thing was that if you patronize the restaraunt before the show, your server will reserve seating in the jazz club and you get to go in before all the other people who just comes for the show. once we got into the jazz club, we immediately noticed how small it was… occupancy was about 200-250. it was a good size and no matter where you sat you can definitely see the performers without binocular aid. i would definitely go again.

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