Pearls and Wifi Make a Great Combo!

today i was working in Danville and after i got off work i had some time to kill before picking up Jessica at the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station. it was actually about three and a half hours to be exact. so before i left work, i found a place near the BART station that had free wireless access in case i needed to do important things like catching up on my blogging and all that good stuff. actually the place was on the other side of the freeway where there was a stores, a theater, and Best Buy. well, i didn’t intend to go to Best Buy but i know that time seems to go rather quickly when i’m in there. other stores that effect me this way are Fry’s Electronics, bookstores (Borders and Barnes and Noble), and stores with clothes (although i don’t frequent them as much as i do electronics and book stores). so an hour magically disappeared when i left Best Buy to seek out my wireless hotspot… Q-Cup!

at first i couldn’t find it, but after walking around near the theater i located it in the corridor between two of the smaller buildings in front of the theater. so i went to my car and reparked it closer to Q-Cup. bringing my laptop with me i approached the cafe and was welcomed with a big poster that read “Buy One and Get One Free” for all teas… or something to that effect. awesome! two pearl tea drinks for the price of one! so after i ordered and got my drinks, i went outside to fire up my laptop to work on my blogs. but to my disappointment i found out that its connection is secured. hmmm… maybe this is time to start my code breaking skills. oh well… but wait! perhaps there’s something on the receipt that’ll mention the code. so i checked my receipt and indeed there was a code! so i entered it in and shazam! i saw the beautiful words “Acquiring Network Address”… “Connected”. nice! i’m in business now! i started blogging outside but as the sun shifted so did my shade and my laptop started to get warm. i moved back inside where by this time there wasn’t as many people as there was before and blogged out the previous two entries. by the time i was done i was ready to pick up Jessica and head up to my other cousin Sharolyn’s place in San Ramon. i would describe the events that took place thereafter but then i would have to introduce five extra family members and their relation to me. its 3:30a and i’m too tired for all that so i’m signing off. basically all you need to know from this is during Q-Cup’s happy hour (3-6p, except on Fri) you get a free tea with an order and free wireless access (code supplied on the receipt).

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