Don’t Bother Me, I’m Leveling Up My Health Points

although my “little crappy” throat didn’t really get out of hand, it did put me in a rather “not completely well” state. i wasn’t bed-ridden or anything but any feeling that makes me feel less than well puts me in determined focus to increase my health points and which makes me oblivious to everything else. as for my current health points, i think i’m at around 90 out of 100. i feel 10 more points coming by the weekend. but if it comes sooner, i’m not complaining.

since my last post, i’ve found the time to upload to my mp3 player a bunch of tech podcasts that i’ve found. it definitely helps with the drive time as i go to and from my clients office as well as the trip i’m planning to Oregon later this month to for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. i’ll give you the details about this trip in a later post. for now, i’ll be getting some sleep.

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