Will Drive For Shakespeare

today has been a long day. well, not really. its just that when you’re the only one driving, it seems long. however, i passed the time away quickly with plenty of podcasts loaded on my mp3 player. so to start of this blog, here’s a picture of my parents and i right before we left the house.

while they go on a cruise for 15 days, i’ll be making my way up to Oregon. why am i going up to Oregon? well, you can read my earlier blog entries this month. that’s what they’re there for.

we stopped at the post office so that my mom can send off mail before she left. i took this opportunity to take another snapshot of my aforementioned GPS mounted on my windshield. this is as close to “in-action” as i’m willing to get because taking pictures and driving don’t mix… and its also harder to keep your hands steady.

the thing i like most about road trips is the beauty revealed when the texture of the sky and the variation of the mountain ridge meet has if they are holding a pose just long enough for you to take its picture. the clouds are constantly moving and there are a myriad of angles to choose from.

i arrive in Ashland about 3:00p and checked into my hotel. i relaxed for about two hours before heading into town to fill gas, get some money from the ATM, pick up my tickets, and grab some dinner. as i was waiting outside the Elizabethan Stage, it started raining. you can’t see it in this picture but i’m being rained upon. if you look closely you can see that it looks like there’s sweat coming down my right cheek. well… maybe a little, but the water from above certainly helped the dripping.

the heat and humidity tonight was uncomfortable for me and for about half of the first half of the play i was so drowsy and found it difficult to keep awake to pay attention. i didn’t sleep but actively fighting against it wasn’t doing me any good. by the second half, it was much cooler and not so humid. i was able to completely enjoy the Merry Wives without fear of slipping into a coma.

that’s it for now. since there are no plays on Monday, i’ll be going up to Sisters to visit Christina who also has a day off of camp. so more driving and hopefully more opportunities for me to take more pictures.

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