Big Bend

monday is an off-day for the Shakespeare festival so i took the opportunity to take in more of the state of Oregon by heading up to Big Lake Youth Camp and hang out with Christina on her day off.

i have friends that have attended Big Lake back in the day so i was kind of neat to actually go there and see it for myself.

this moment was captured as this was day that my car first went “off-pavement”. its definitely a slower and bumpier ride experience… one that i’m definitely not used to. please don’t misunderstand me. the insanity of current gas prices and the economics of my new car has reinvented my past driving habits. i’m not the lead-foot that i used to be.

after lunch at Big Lake, we went to the town of Bend to do some store browsing and then caught a flick. after that we hung out at the local library for some internet action where Christina schooled my computer-geekness in opening multiple browser. their system protects the operating system from idiots by providing a menu of applications to launch instead of displaying the desktop. CTRL+N wasn’t working for me so i had to minimize the browser and launch another instance of the app. anyways, after that she took me to this Thai drive-thru for some eats. when i drove up to the place it was like the size of Caffino stand. very interesting. we took our food to Drake Park and then headed to Starbucks for some Tangerine Frappacinos. mmmmm! i dropped her back at Big Lake but before i left she showed me pictures of some of her girls as well as other varied pictures of her adventures.

it was a long day, but it was fun and kicked back. tomorrow i have one more play to attend and then i’m heading back to California. laters.

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