Frankly, Its Gone to the Dogs

i should have blogged this at the time, but it was late and one thing led to another and by the time it occurred to me to make an entry several things happened along the way that would put me behind. so i’ll just resort to keeping it short and chronological.

a while back i found this neat tutorial on How to Get that Sin City Look In Your Image and thought that i’d use this technique for my new profile image on MySpace. so last friday, i took a picture of myself to try out said technique.

and here is the result. pretty cool, eh? well, to say its a “Sin City”-look is like saying “Mona Lisa”-look because its really the artist behind the artwork that gives it the signature style. so here’s a nod to Frank Miller for the style he used in his classic comic series Sin City.

then on saturday night, my church had its first outdoor vespers/movie night social event that went with much success.

how does a church “do” a movie night with so much worldliness in movies nowadays? i hadn’t seen the movie Eight Below before, but found it rather “acceptable”, clean, and decent as a family film. it was “inspired” by true stories of guides and their dogs in Antartica. the theme found in the line “You gotta take chances for those things that you most care about” is something to definitely ponder over and apply to one’s life.

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