Because Calling It a “Dimpler” Would Be Silly

i love tech gadgets. yes this is another blog about yet another device that i’ve acquired. its not so tech-y and its not nearly as costly as my other recently acquired gadgetry, but it has a small neato factor. and that neato factor is the only thing that it does… shred DVDs and CDs.

ok, this particular model doesn’t actually “shred” optical media but it does make them unreadable, useless coasters by making dimples all across the disc.

so here’s a plain disc and its smooth surface.

and here’s a disc that’s been passed through the shredder.

check out the dimples! all in a perfect grid.

so why in the world would i want a gadget like this? even though some paper shredders nowadays have the capability of destroying optical discs, not everybody has a paper shredder with this feature. plus this device is small and portable enough for me to take to my clients who may want to destroy discs that contain sensitive, business-related data. and on a personal note, i also have discs that contain backed-up personal information that i would like destroyed so that when they are outdated i won’t have to worry about somebody scrounging through the dumpsters, finding the discs, and go all willy-nilly with them. you’d be surprised that there are people that actually do this. so if any of you ever burn personal data on discs, you may also want to think about getting a paper shredder that destroys discs or a dedicated shredder like mine. you never can be too careful.

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