Busy Weekend, Lazy Week

i’ve been a little out of it all this week. not the sick kind, though. i’ve just been lazy with the blogging-thing. of course it couldn’t have come at a better time when there was a big event that i witnessed last sunday. there was certainly enough going on last weekend for blog fodder but i don’t know… i just didn’t feel like updating for you guys. sorry. i figured i’d better throw something together before this weekend otherwise i’d be WAY behind. so what has been going on with me? let’s back up to last friday, shall we?

18 Aug (Fri). my friend saw my “sin city”-styled picture and wanted me to do the same for her, so after vespers and a giggly photo session i was able to get a bunch of photos which i hoped at least one of them would work for this effect.

two days ago i was able to process the pic. so here’s how it turned out. if there is a next time, i’m going to remember to bring a spotlight because the lighting wasn’t helping and flash just made her face too bright.

19 Aug (Sat). i was planning on going to Redwood City Church for a visit but i kind of overslept. so instead of driving all the way up there, i decided to go to the Mountain View Japanese Church which is on the way to Redwood City from my house but its about half the distance. when i got to the church, my friend Dave Zecha greeted me with an invite to his wedding the next day. oh wow! that’s awesome! i also met my friend Brandon Ross and his wife who came up for the wedding and we had a nice chat over lunch. after that they had stuff to do to get ready so i visited with my other friend Andre Tio and his wife Faith. i had left my guitar in my trunk after vespers the previous day so he and i had a little jam session which i hadn’t done in a long time. it was very nice.

that evening, i hung out with Ted, Chrissie, and Phil. we picked up dinner to go at Chipotle and then went back to Ted and Chrissie’s place to chow down with a double feature of Underworld/Underworld: Evolution to follow. once we got done eating, Chrissie went over to her collection and realized that she didn’t own the Underworld DVD. (i brought Evolution and would have brought the first one). so she and i went to Target to pick it up with no success since all they carry is fullscreen for that movie. i mean come on! fullscreen? you gotta be kidding me. i think it should be illegal to put fullscreen movies on DVD. don’t get me started with movies that shouldn’t be on DVD in the first place. but i digress. so we headed off to Fry’s with about 15 minutes to spare before closing and found a widescreen version. yippee! then the double feature commenced once we got back. we ended the evening at around 1:30a which is unusually early for us since we usually push the 3:00a mark. but i guess we were unusually tired because for about 30 minutes after the movies we were talking but weren’t making a whole lot of sense. i left around 2:00a only to see Ted and Chrissie again at 10:30a at the wedding.

20 Aug (Sun). i heard that Dave and his fiance Susan pulled together this wedding in two months. as hurried as it was, there was quite a turn out although if there was a longer announcement time, i’m sure that more of our college friends would have been there.

Dave and Susan at the reception. i was actually going for a more candid shot but as i was adjusting my camera settings he signaled Susan before i could get one off. its still a good picture.

the table where i was sitting was adjacent to the wedding cake table. so i was quite comfortable and seated while i captured this.

the obligatory close-up shot and the obligatory wedding favor. Dave was trying for mint M&M’s but couldn’t find them. i guess they are by custom order however mints do just fine.

Brandon and me. he was a class behind me at PUC and lived across the hall. oh, the stories we can tell… and the stories we’d better not tell.

weddings aka college/friend reunions. why do we only get together around these types of celebrations?

the 4th North crew. as custom dictates, there’s always a picture of all 4th North members when one of us gets married. oh yeah… so that you’re in the know, 4th North is in reference to the rooms on the 4th floor of the Newton Hall men’s dorm at Pacific Union College.

there will be more pictures of the wedding posted in its own gallery as soon as i can post it… or something like that. you know what i mean.

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