Preying for a Good Deal

have you ever waited for a good deal and then after you saw it and bought it you later saw a better deal? of course you have. that’s just the way it is… whatever “it” is. after playing Half-Life 2: Episode One, i’ve had the hankering to play something new but there wasn’t anything that i was interested in. that is until Prey. i just happened to miss picking it up at a discounted price the week of its release so i figured that i’d wait longer till it came back down… although i wasn’t going to wait a year out till it drops even more. i found a coupon and used it last friday and was looking forward to installing and playing it on saturday night. but when i got back home, i found that another store had a price $20 off the regular price which was a lot less than i had paid for it with the coupon. thankfully i didn’t open the packaging yet. so i went to pick it up at the other store and plan to return my first purchase and get a refund.

paying a little extra for the DVD-ROM version of the game is well worth it to avoid multiple CD-ROMs.

plus, the DVD-ROM version is a “limited collector’s edition” which comes in a shiny tin case. is this bling or what?

neglecting to read the outer cover to view the contents of this edition, i was pleasantly surprised by the contents as i opened the case.

i would have been totally thrilled for the pewter figurines of the “Hunter” and “Tommy”, but i treat them as dust-collecting items.

so i pull them out for a little close-up camera action and then away they go… back into the case from whence they came!

it also came with The Art of Prey illustrated booklet which, being an artist myself, i appreciated very much. i had other things to do on saturday night so i was only able to install it and had about 10 minutes of play time before bed. as busy as i am, i wonder how long it’ll take me to go through it.

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