Busy Like a Bee

i had a pretty interesting weekend and since we’re already halfway through this week, i thought i’d better give you guys the rundown of the goings-on before this coming weekend because i’m sure that there will be more stuff happening and the stories will get all backed up and less fresh. and nobody likes being backed up or less fresh. although it’s a good idea for your computer files to be backed up but that’s an entirely different kind of business.

after a delicious lunch at the Chu’s house on Sabbath, Heidi and i went back to the church to meet up with some of the young adults to go door-to-door for a Community Health Survey. we split up into four different teams taking four different areas around the church. going door-to-door isn’t one of the ministries that gets me going. but out of doing something different, it was pleasant surprise and experience. we met back at the church to share stories of the afternoon with each other which was pretty cool. going door-to-door hasn’t climbed or declined on my list of things i’d rather do. but since i didn’t have anything better to do that afternoon, it was a nice change of pace. i guess that’s where the blessings lie whether i’m moved or not. it’s always easy to do the things that come naturally and in the ministries that you’re gifted in or that your personality is suited for. if you’re just doing those things all the time, you may eventually find yourself in a ministerial rut. so whether you feel like it or not, it’s always good to allow yourself the freedom to do something completely against your gifted/character type. you’ll find it not only refreshing but you’ll be refreshed in the ministries that God has gifted you in.

as soon as we were done sharing our stories and ending the door-to-door activity with prayer, we grabbed a quick bite to eat courtesy of the leftovers of the young adult potluck. once we were done eating we loaded up some of our cars with literature and headed to the HP Pavilion where Harvest 06 was being held. as the meeting/concert let out we were there passing out literature commentaries on stuff like “Victory at Calvary”, “Love Stronger Than Death”, “Remember”, etc. apparently the literature was given to us by Pacific Union College for this specific event. of course, we were more than happy to help distribute them.

apparently we were not the only ones there to help spread the message… well, i guess this group was there to spread “a” message but the way they went about it and the spirit in which they did wasn’t very Christ-like. supposedly they believe that everybody other than themselves aren’t truly Christians. some of them even told other people that their relationship with Christ was false. who are they to judge? oh, by the way, “Laurie” is referring to Greg Laurie who was the speaker for the event.

here is my friend Andrea who got into dialog with one of the protesters. we later found out that this guy is the founder of this group. after talking with some fellow Christians outside, we got a little bit more information and decided that the best thing to do was to pray for them so we got in a circle and did just that. when we opened our eyes, all of them were gone except maybe one. hmmm… interesting.

i don’t normally get up at 7:00a on Sundays. nor do i get up from spending the previous evening playing Xbox till 4:30a. (it’s been at least four months since i’ve touched my Xbox and i guess i got pretty carried away). well, i got up at 7:00a this last Sunday to meet up with the youth and young adult leaders to go over the activities the day before, constructive criticism, and future plans and schedule. at first we were supposed to meet at 8:30a at Hobee’s for breakfast because Andrea thought 8:00a was “too early” for a Sunday morning. but on Friday she learned that she could go help Heidi with canvassing in Modesto so she changed it to 7:30a. when i got there at 7:30a i learned that Hobee’s opens at 8:00a on the weekends and 6:30a during the week. of course we couldn’t let Andrea off the hook that easily and joked with her a little bit. i’m sure that we’ll bring it up from time to time later on but always in a fun way.

my Hobee’s Breakfast Quesadilla. i’ve had other selections at Hobee’s before but after Sarah ordered this it sounded so good that i ordered the same thing… and it was most tasty!

it also came with a Blueberry Coffeecake which i took half home with me because the quesadilla was very filling for me. i missed those teenage years that i could just eat and eat and not get full. i love eating and tasting all the wonderful flavors and textures but really dislike getting full because that just makes me stop eating.

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