Pomegranate, Pretentious Tofu, and a Panino MIA

i have about 30 minutes before December so like i mentioned yesterday, i’m going to compress the rest of my November stories in this entry.

i’ve seen pomegranates. i’ve talked about pomegranates. i’ve had pomegranate juice. but somehow i had never eaten fresh pomegranates. so last tuesday (21 November) i had my opportunity and realized why my parents don’t bring pomegranates home to eat… they’re rather a messy and potentially staining fruit if you’re not careful. of course i knew this, but knowing a fact and experiencing the fact are two different things. i suppose that there are some things in this life that don’t need experiencing, however i figure eating one of God’s many fruits is something that just needs to be experienced. i must say, all messiness aside, that it is quite good! the next time i’ll wear something not so nice. thankfully i didn’t get any squirts on the shirt i was wearing when i ate it.

for Thanksgiving my mom and i drove to my dad’s place in Springville. some of my friends at work know that i’m a vegetarian and wondered what i ate for Thanksgiving since the day really isn’t a “turkey day” for me. and no i don’t eat tofurkey. i’m not sure whether i’ve ever had tofurkey. if i did, it must have either been unmemorable or so repulsive that i’ve blocked it from my mind. either way i just have to get this off my chest… i like my tofu as it should mostly be… in the Asian cuisine context and not used as a basis to fashion into a non-asian meat concoction. that being said, i don’t mind using tofu for fusion cuisine. but pretentious tofu is unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE! if i want a meat substitute, i’ll use soy. after all that’s what tofu is made from. so… after running my mouth… the picture above was obviously my Thanksgiving dinner this year.

mashed potatoes, green beans, vege dinner roast, and cranberry, apple, jicama salad

my family had lunch at Don Vino’s Italian Bar & Grill on sunday before my mom and i headed back to Milpitas.

Don Vino’s



after lunch, i realized that i had completely forgotten to take a picture of my eggplant panino. i’m guessing it was because i was so hungry and it was so yummy. i think i’ll have to make a return visit to Don Vino’s for that missed opportunity.

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