Wondering Where In the Winter I’ve Been?

aiya! once again, i’ve let the days go by without so much as small post. i could blame it on the season but i would just be making excuses. so with the last remaining week before i leave to India, i’m going to quickly let you in on what’s been happening… starting from three weeks ago.

09 Dec. my church had a Christmas dinner and entertainment that went by the name of Winter Wonderland. previous to this event there was a concert by Jaime Jorge also at my church so we had a lot of people from the concert that stayed for the dinner. how can anyone resist a free meal?

there was a lot of food which i will post later in my food section of photos. however these are just some of the yumminess that was experienced.

i had several people come up and ask me what i was doing. the obvious answer was “i’m taking pictures of food”. i find it interesting that although food plays a major part of the evening by everyone eating it, no one else bothered to take pictures of it. something delicious has just the same rights to have pictures taken of it as other things that took place during the Winter Wonderland.

the Winter Wonderland “area” was made up of borrowed Christmas from church members. i think my family’s is the one on the far right. i’m not too sure since we haven’t used it in years but it looks like it.

our church is one of the three entities that comprises the Milpitas Adventist Center. the other two are Discoveryland and Foothill Adventist Elementary (K-8). the kids you see in this picture are from Discoveryland right before they started singing.

i guess the Christmas theme wouldn’t be the same without the obligatory manger scene portrayed by Discoveryland kids.

towards the end there were appreciations that were given to the teachers and staff of both Foothill and Discoveryland. the evening ended with a video that i put together. taking pictures of a video presentation would be a little silly and besides i happened to be watching the video for things that i might have messed up on. so that’s it for now. i’ll be making another post tomorrow about the following day.

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