They Aren’t Lazy

during the last two months, we have been excavating dirt from our backyard in order to redo our back patio. i don’t know whether its related or whether its the season or maybe a combination of the two, but there has been a lot of ant activity around the house… and even in the house. in fact we have been having to make a conscious effort to make sure everything is really clean in the house because now even one small crumb is vulnerable to an ant invasion in no time. even when the kitchen counter is apparently clean, you’ll see them congregating in a place that doesn’t seem to have food at all.

10 Dec. on sunday afternoon my dad spotted about three trails of ants going up the right side of the garage molding. it was quite the sight to behold. so i took a few closeup pictures and brought out the Raid. Raid. what a nifty invention of chemical warfare! in seconds the ants are dead or in the spasms of impending death. as i marvel at the effectiveness of Raid, i’m also thankful that there’s nobody higher on our food chain that dispenses at their whim a solution via an aerosol can. however, it would be to the stupidity of our own species to unleash its equivalent of nerve gas on each other. that aside, we use Raid to kill ants and insects because they are just doing what they were meant to be doing.

and regarding ants, they just work and work and work. i doubt they take breaks and we kill them for that. if only all humans can be as hardworking, then maybe a chemical attack may be even more painful. don’t get me wrong, i think death to anyone is terrible. but consider the difference between an active person who dies and a lazy person who dies. yeah… consider. (Prov. 6:6) let’s not be lazy… especially me.

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