A Half-Day of Work to Go

we basically wrapped up most of the project today. tomorrow we will only work half-day in the morning on a couple of places which is nice. then some of us will be going into town to look around and get some culture outside of the school campus. i hope to be one of them.

i got to paint some of the green trim that had white drip-over. i was a nice change of pace. although it would have been nice to have someone else from the team to do it with. but it was cool. i had two boys helping me out – one to steady the ladder and the other to hand me the paint bucket to reload my brush.

i finished up a duplex that Tom had started at around 12:30p and since lunch was at 1:00p, i went back to the see what else the group was doing. i figured i’d take a break up till lunch and took this opportunity to take some photos of the others as well as some textures to add into my collection.

most of the children, if not all of them, have returned from Christmas break. so there is close to 600 of them on campus. that’s a lot of kids. yesterday we didn’t to playtime since the school was using that time to check them in for the new year. we didn’t do playtime today either. i’m not sure how you would manage playtime with 600 children at once AND having the girls and boys play separately… or not. the opposite genders here don’t interactively play together… except for the “Jacob and Rachel” one… which at first they were going to play separately until we made the combine.

this is what 600 children look like all seated in the cafeteria/meeting hall. Benita is telling the story of Daniel and his three friends – Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego. Tom mentioned that we could probably use the hall to play some games on Saturday night if we moved all the tables and stacked the chairs. we’ll see what happens. things are very “flexible” in India and could change.

10:20p. going to catch me some z’s.

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