Going Wild… in a Cagey Sort of Way

i spent most of Monday relaxing and getting better which was good because today i went with my friends Ted and Chrissie to visit the San Francisco Zoo.

the day was quite fun and enjoyable. the weather was unusually perfect for San Francisco – sunny with occasional clouds. i was glad to have had the opportunity to take a lot of pictures and to simply get and walk about. i have about 360 pictures that i have to sort through so that will be yet another task. but in the meantime, i’ll post select pictures for your viewing pleasure.

it is a wonder that as local Bay Area residents some of us have never taken the opportunity to visit local venues, parks, events, etc. this is something that my friends and i would like to remedy. so we did a little brainstorming on the way back from the zoo finding alternatives to get out of our own respective “cages”.

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