I Don’t Vote Because I Respect It Too Much

i don’t follow politics. it has never interested me. it has never got my undivided attention. and probably to this day i still don’t care much about it. but i will say we are living in interesting times. that this year i have stopped to watch something political (all of three times). and though i had wished to be a part of history prior to this day, that i still am somewhat glad that i am not a registered voter.

it is not that i’m apathetic to my country. it is not that i have utter disregard and disrespect to the democratic process. and it is not that i don’t believe that my vote will not count. it is because i have complete respect of the voting privilege that don’t vote.

because i view voting with such high esteem, i don’t take it lightly. if i were ever to vote, i want to be a completely informed voter. the problem is that i don’t keep up with the nation’s political climate nor pay attention to the laws, bills, measures, props, etc. that are presented. in fact i don’t think i even tell you the difference between the laters. so when an election year comes around, ads for and against fill the television and radio waves for your vote. how then does one keep apprised and clear without the bias noise?

i don’t know whether or not i’ll vote in four years. i don’t know if the times will be more interesting to get me watching something political more than three times every four years. i don’t know if i would even care to change my…

yeah… that’s the operative word isn’t it? “change”. our country has for the most part voted for change and for the individual they believe will bring about change. so i guess what i’m getting at is that although we hope for and strive for change how far are we willing to go? does it end with my part at the voting booth? does the change history of a candidate guarantee change in the future? am i willing to make and follow through with changes in my life in alignment with the ideals i voted for?

until i come to terms with all that, i’m not going to vote. because as Stan Lee once penned, “with great power comes great responsibility.” when i do vote, i’m going vote like i’m wielding a lightsaber… with power and precision as every vote should be casted… not just for voting-sake. and a vote, especially a vote for change, is indeed powerful.

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