A Little Fruity and a Little Nutty

two Saturday’s ago (November 1) on a rainy night, my friends and i went to Fragrance Land vegetarian restaurant only to learn that they were closed for a private party so we went to Merit Vegetarian Restaurant instead. after that we went to Frozo’s Frozen Yogurt in Santa Clara for dessert.

i like to keep my frozen yogurt simple but this time i took a different approach by layering the yogurt and ingredients. i started with blueberry and added nuts, granola, raspberries, strawberries, mangoes half way. then served up a layer of chocolate with the same toppings. that way i have a relatively even distribution of yogurt and toppings from the top to the bottom.

here is Charity with a sampler cup in her hand. if i remember correctly, i think she got some of uncle Dave’s frozen yogurt too! by the look on her face… i think she’s liking it.

then Ruben came and put my frozen yogurt creation to shame. i mean look at this visual wonder! what with the gummy bears, chocolate chips and animal crackers going on.

how creative! using the animal cracker to scoop up the yogurt. observe Virgil’s concentration as he excavates it away.

there is no doubt that this boy is satisfied with the chilly treat. of course sugar had nothing to do with it… riiight.

Charity looked like she was having a good time… maybe it was too good, eh Charity?

at this point in the evening Virgil was giving me all sorts of funny faces which made it very easy for me to shoot off several frames.

not to be out done by her brother, Charity hams it up for me as well. hahaha… priceless!

obviously there were other and “older” people at the table besides Virgil and Charity. so i continued to practice with my new 50mm f/1.4 lens.

i like how these shots turned out… technically as well as the subject matters. of course, there will always be plenty of room for improvement in the technical part.

Andrea, who conveniently escaped my lens, took my camera and gave it a go. i like this sequence of Charity finishing up the frozen yogurt cup.

wow! look how she keeps her eyes on the lens as she spoons the yogurt into her mouth!

Charity is definitely not camera shy. she loves the camera, and the camera loves her.

here’s Coralyn on the opposite side and opposite end of the table from me. go Andrea!

Andrea handed my camera back but Coralyn was still making funny faces.

awww… the poor empty Frozo’s cup! it was soon thereafter that we left the establishment. some of us went to see the crazy 11:15p showing of Eagle Eye and the rest went home. i don’t know where Andrea went but i know she’s always has a plan. that basically ends the evening as well as this post.

click the play button to hear Andrea asking Charity to say “Frozo’s”.

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